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Esterel Technologies Academic Program for SCADE

TThe Esterel Technologies Academic Program is designed to support educators using Esterel Technologies SCADE for teaching purposes. The SCADE licenses granted under the Academic Program are one-year licenses and provide for up to 20 simultaneous users on a LAN. Subject to applicants meeting program terms and conditions, licenses are for fully functional SCADE products and are offered free of charge.

In addition to the license, as part of the Academic Program, we provide...

Technical Support is also available at a cost of 1000 € per year.

University Contribution

We intend that our relationship with members of our Academic Program be bidirectional; projects undertaken by our Academic users often explore novel areas and are hence of value to Esterel Technologies and our industrial users. Furthermore, feedback on your experiences in the use of our products is always welcome to help us improve SCADE.

We also require that you to create a link to the Esterel Technologies web site from your group, department or project web page. Details of what is required and the code templates to assist are available in the member kit..

If you wish to become a member of the Esterel Technologies Academic Program, please go to the Academic Program Registration..

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